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Who Am I? I’m Broadway Joe.

Hello!  As we say in the days of Zoom, it’s a pleasure to e-meet you.  My name is Broadway Joe, and welcome to my blog.  If you are reading this, you are among the very first readers of this blog- and I’ll start with a warm thank you.  You are here because you may be interested in some of what I’ll have to say on the topics of Finance, Professional Arts, Managing Money, Side Hustlin’, The New York Jets, and so much more.  My moniker is actually named for “Broadway” Joe Namath- the greatest Jets quarterback to ever live.  He led the Jets to their one and only Super Bowl appearance (SB III), and victory.  

“Broadway” Joe Namath

In his prime he was a loving fan of Broadway and the NYC arts community, and embodies perhaps the greatest intersection of two of my most favorite arenas (theater and football).  Ok, I can tell I’m losing some of you already, so back to the good stuff.

First let me give a quick shout out to the folks who helped this blog come to life! Thank You to Trea Bailey (@treabaileyart on Instagram) for the cartoon design, and an immense Thank You to Mimi van Amerongen ( for the blog design. Mimi is a kick-ass Creative Designer based out of Amsterdam, and longtime family friend.

I started this blog in hopes of being able to provide information, resources, and insight into the mysterious world of personal finance and retirement.  I myself started my career as an actor, before transitioning into theatrical management and producing.  I’m a proud member of Actors Equity Association, and no matter where my producing career takes me in the next few years and decades, I always hope to be the Artists’ Producer.  To that end, I plan to spend a lot of time in this blog covering what personal finance means to an actor, director, designer, producer, and the whole arts community at large.  I want you to understand what your union does for you, and how it will affect your life 10, 20, 30 years from now.  I want you to be able to work hard, and understand the nest egg you can build underneath your finances, so that when that time for retirement comes (and it will be different for pretty much everyone), you have a foundation that can support that later phase of life in a comfortable way.

Like many who will find their way to this blog- retirement is a mystery.  There is absolutely nothing wrong in admitting that.  Until about 6 months ago, I was firmly in the camp of folks who didn’t quite understand retirement.  Was I doing everything wrong?  Not necessarily.  I had started a Roth IRA to save when I could.  I worked with a financial advisor for the better part of two years before feeling like I had the tools I needed to tackle this beast of a concept on my own.  Are you doing everything wrong at this point?  I doubt it.  But what I started to notice amongst my friends and colleagues- there is probably room to do more.  And it starts at a fundamental level.  

Let’s get Piggy Bankin’.

In the next few weeks, I’ll start by sharing some tools and tricks I’ve developed of how to accurately track personal finance.  There are so many ways this can be done.  I’ll show you some examples of a few new ways to consider finance, net worth, and savings.  And I have no doubt I’ll learn more in the process, and that’s a pretty awesome trade off.

I’m still pretty close to the beginning of my financial independence journey, and in a lot of ways I hope this is a journey we can embark on together. 

For a long time in the early part of my career both as an actor and then producer, I’ve wondered to myself- will I ever be a millionaire?  And now I’m impassioned by the very romantic notion that I simply must become a millionaire. And you can be one also!  There are ways to live an enriched, productive, healthy, and adventurous life- and still make sure you’ve got seven digits sitting in your bank account at the end of the road.  To be blunt, there simply has to be.  Only you can give yourself the security you’ll need for that great late chapter in life. 

It’s not impossible by any means, but it is hard work.  And the great work begins.

Very Best,

Broadway Joe

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