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investing with imagination

Investing With Imagination. What Kind Of Fool Am I?

In terms of investing, I’ve given you a pretty simple easy path forward.  Simple little things, ETFs and Mutual Funds, there’s nothing like em’.  But today we’re going to deepen the conversation, and talk about investing with imagination.

Specifically my imagination. 

You see dear reader, I like to say time and time again that personal finance is personal.  Not that it can’t be shared, but it’s going to be personal to each unique individual.

And today we’re going to pull back the Wizard’s green curtain and see what’s on the other side.  

Do I practice what I preach blog?

….I do!  Mostly!

Huh?  What is that supposed to mean?!

Let me explain.

Invest With Me, And You’ll Be, In A World Of Pure Imagination.

I started this blog Creative Finance because I think financial literacy should be available to everyone, and is attainable by anyone.  

What do I mean by investing with imagination then?

I trained in college as an actor.  I spent every day in classes pretending I was a new character from multitudes of different shows and stories.  In a way, the training my classmates and I received was the learned power of enriching our imaginations.  

As a producer in New York City, part of working in theater is attending performances, workshops and productions, of projects in various stages of development.  A key and crucial part of that job is imagining what a show might become.  How audiences could respond, and what the future might bring.  How that story fits into our world.

And now as a student in an MBA program, the wide arrays of knowledges and systems I’m learning unlock a curiosity for imagining what the future of business could be.  

And in my investing…I imagine the future.

I Can Do This, I’ll Invest That!

Ok we’ve talked about investing in ETFs and Index or Mutual Funds.  We know how brilliant the Roth IRA account is for vast majorities of people, providing tax free growth over years and years of compound interest.

That makes for a pretty simple formula.  I would say anyone who has a balanced risk tolerance might just do that and stick with it.  That person will retire with significantly greater wealth than they started with.

But personal finance, is personal. 

Personally, I have a slightly higher risk tolerance.  And I know that I am investing vs. trading. (Meaning I’m not going to touch things, like index funds, or hair as yellow as corn).

I have a Roth IRA with Vanguard, and about 70% of it in Vanguard total market index funds. (easy peasy).  I also invest about 30% of my Roth into stocks and commodities.

I have an HSA with retirement/health money invested in index funds.

If I work one more contract as an equity actor, I will participate in a (very small) pension program one day.

Aside from that, I have a taxable brokerage account I use for index fund investing (notice a pattern?)

I also have an account with Robinhood, which is where I keep a tiny sum money invested in cryptocurrency. 

That’s me, in a nutshell.  (No, this is me in a nutshell…help, I’m in a nutshell!  How did I get into this nutshell?!  That’s not a theatre reference but god I hope someone gets it.)

Got it?

I told you a few months back about the way I keep savings accounts for different reasons and goals.

Part of what I’m trying to do here folks, is make this point… that it’s normal to talk about money.  

I really think it is, or should be!  I would hope that someone could look at the way my money tree is structured and think about how to structure theirs in their own right.

So what are we missing?

We still haven’t uncovered how or why I’m investing with imagination.

The Data Is Clear, I Know It Well

What I mean when I say I’m investing with imagination, is this…

Any expert in the fields of finance and investment would probably offer some base advice that makes the process incredibly easy to manifest.

They might advise you invest in total market index funds, set it and forget it, and wake up 30 years in the future as a millionaire.  

If I were to follow that advice to a T, the data would tell me I’m better off taking that 30% of my Roth IRA invested in stocks and commodities, and just lump it in with the index funds.

So what gives?  Why do I bother?

I suppose it’s the power of my imagination.  When I think of the future, I think about electric cars.  I think about the way delivery and shopping and technology of all kinds will change.  I think about the way I’m currently studying for an MBA completely 100% online- something that wasn’t at all possible 30 years ago.

What does the future hold?

One company I own a little bit of stock in is a shrimp processing company that has developed clean water technology that vastly reduces liquid waste to almost nothing, a real environmental win.  I imagine more companies will move towards initiatives and technologies like this.  I want to invest in companies that are working towards a better eco-future, because it’s important to me.

Finale Thoughts

It’s important to note that what I have placed in the “riskier investments” like shrimp or cryptocurrency is incredibly small relative to the total pie.  But it’s fun to have a little bit of imagination in thinking about the future.  The future of business.  The future of the world.

Actors are taking stock of their future right now, and the future of the theatre industry, and it’s incredibly admirable.  There are folks of all ages, colors, sizes, and creeds that are demanding a better working future.  They are calling on their unions to work with them, not against them.

But I will say it until my very last breath on this blog, personal finance is personal.

As you continue to learn, you can continue to think about your own risk tolerance.  And really most of all the key is having the patience to wait out the ups and downs of the markets, knowing it’s a long game.    And you might decide you want to take a little risk in that long game; the choice is yours to choose.

Like my personal decision to take a little risk.  When data says otherwise, I still lean into my imagination.  And through the ups and downs, I often wonder…    

What kind of fool am I?  A fool cursed with imagination I suppose.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post on investing with imagination! What kind of future do you imagine? How might that affect what you invest in? Drop a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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